I've worked extensively with families in India and The United States. My attempt has always been to document the lives of these families in an artistic way, expressing who they are and how they live. Working with such diverse people from differing backgrounds I've still seen the same emotions play up at the birth of a baby, at the wedding of an old friend, at the precious time between the engagement and the wedding. And after years of life behind the lens I now know when that one revealing truthful moment is about to come, that which lies between two perfectly posed moments. 



A karmic connection with the camera since age 8

An eye for framing and re-framing.

Real moments. Shifting stories. 

Families. In all their moods. 

Marriages. Pregnancies. Children growing up. 

Personal histories. Personal journeys. 

Grandparents. And cousins. And friends. 

Hellos and goodbyes. 

What is said. And often what is not. 

The camera as witness.

To it all.