Session Information 

What to Expect ..

where will your shoot be held - as each portrait session is a personal experience, the location varies. I recommend places that have some personal/ sentimental significance to you and your family. It can be anywhere from your garden and living room to your favourite park or street.  

when will it be held - the shoot timing depends on day light hours as I shoot in natural light. So the timing can be anytime from 8am to 5pm (with some variation in summer and winter months). 

what should you wear - whatever makes you feel good and most like you!  

how to book the session - any portrait session can be booked over the phone, but the shoot is confirmed on receiving the advance payment of 50% of the total shoot fee. I like to get to know a couple or family before the shoot so I can tell their story better through the photographs and form a comfortable easy rapport which begins to reflect in the photographs, so I usually spend time over the phone and before the shoot getting to know who you are. 

what I want to do for you - give you your best family photos yet. 


For further details, contact - 

Tara Bhargava Sanon

1 (617) 949-0130

or email